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*You may have noticed the 8Lengths banner on the front page, here is the full round up of the product that managers, trainers and syndicators will be interested in*

Trainers and Syndicators join the Tech Revolution

New platform helps Aus/NZ trainers and syndicators keep their owners in the loop

It’s a common story that many trainers and syndicators will sit and wait for fields information to appear online, then laboriously copy that information into an email to their owners. Even more common are those who don’t even have the time to provide that minimal level of service.

Now, the communications landscape has changed.BrissyRaces_Side_1

8lengths.com is a new platform developed specifically for time-poor trainers and syndicators. It automates the process of collecting and distributing fields information, while still allowing that ‘personal touch’ to be added to outbound messages.

The 8lengths.com communication process is as simple as replying to an email from a computer or smartphone. All information is beautifully presented to owners, and able to be managed entirely from a mobile device on-the-go. 8lengths.com is also a fantastic reference point; managing information about horses, owners and upcoming races from one central location.

Steven Burman, one of the website’s founders, has a family history in the racing industry. He says, “as a racehorse owner myself, I saw the extra burden placed on trainers and syndicators to provide high-quality communications to owners.”

With the maximum number of acknowledged owners per animal being increased to 20, there is likely to be a greater burden placed on trainers and syndicators to keep quality communications flowing. “Syndicated owners are becoming the bedrock of the industry, and they need to feel included,” says Mr Burman. 8lengths.com makes it easy to support owners by streamlining the communication process whether there are 1 or 100.

The platform has been in a closed trial, but is now open to all trainers and syndicators. New users get the benefit of a no-obligation 45-day free trial. Jamie Walter of Proven Thoroughbreds (www.proventhoroughbreds.com.au) has been instrumental in the evolution of the product. “[8lengths.com is] a very robust system that I use every day. I’ve found it very efficient, and the guys have been accommodating and innovative with new features in catering for my needs,” said the industry veteran.

Mr Walter also commented on the efficiency and mobility of the system, stating, “it saves me significant time and allows me to get things done when I’m at the track, in transit, or even on holidays.”

All fields information for 8lengths.com is supplied by their data partner, AAP Megaform.

If you wish to contact 8lengths.com, you can do so by emailing contact@8lengths.com, accessing the website at www.8lengths.com, or by calling Steven Burman on 0439 740 639.

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