A massive thankyou to all of you!

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Well it is that time of year again, another 52 weeks down and Santa’s about to squeeze down the chimney… Or for those with a house like mine, somehow get through the front door and leave some socks and jocks!Gibbo

I want to take a moment to thank each and every person who has jumped on the site whether it be once or seven times a week, if it wasn’t for growing numbers it may not be worth it. At this stage it has all been word of mouth which is thanks to you guys and girls.

We are hoping to have our first Brissyraces day at the Pineapple Hotel early February and that would be a great time to catch up with a few of you who may be able to make it.

The xmas season is always fun so I hope you and your family have a super time and remember to be safe and and survive the silly season!

Hopefully you have enjoyed the news and interviews, and let’s hope I have been able to help you find a few winners which is always important. I can promise I have done my best, win, lose or draw.

Thanks again to all followers and sponsors who keep us alive and going!

Merry xmas..




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