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(Didn’t put a Blackbook article up last week mainly because of the rain around and the problems of following wet trackers when it dries out)

HARADA BAY- Should have won. It wasn’t run to suit but was still good enough if the breaks come but that didn’t happen. He is going particularly good.

LITTLE BIT DITSY-Was always looking for more ground. Think she will just get better over a mile.

KENTUCKY WOMEN- Ridden aggressive and seemed to suit. On the up.

HLUDOWIG- Just too short, looking for an even to fast run 1400-1500m race now.

LA TIKKA ROSA- Did expect more but Dunn will place to advantage and will come on for the run.

 OLYMPIC ANTHEM- Nice return, will take on harder but worth following.

*Remember to check in the midweek articles etc where I try to add any runner we have popping up. There was a sneaky winner up North Qld that was $3.40 in early markets that got the job done last week on a Thursday.