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As usual the GCTC blackbook will be posted at this link Monday some time:


The Brisbane ones:

GYPSY GODDESS– I think she might be a very good one in the making. They don’t win like this and not go on and win again. Assume they have one more run and then aim her at the big ones over the winter.

ASHGROVE- Asked to do way too much work before the corner. Got the sweet run throughout the race and then went for home way too early. You can get away with that in maidens but not when you’re racing horses like Gypsy Goddess. Won’t see him until the winter but follow him all the way through there.

JACKSON ON TIME- Had been waiting for him and too good to be true the $26 he went up but a nice price the place for those that follow the Early Look on Thought Byrne sat too far off the last horse but this effort was outstanding. Not sure where they go now. He’s the best maiden in Qld and if he goes to a 1400m maiden he’ll be $1.20 the way the prices are going up here. If they keep aiming at these big ones there’s a chance he keeps running on well without breaking through.