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The GCTC blackbook will be up Monday so be sure to click the link:


*What I want to mention again is how wrong a handful of jocks still get it at EF. The ones who ride them like motorbikes and start asking and scrubbing at the 550m are the ones getting run down, and too many off them do that.

*It’s been happening for a long time here. Some jocks are made to look good because their mounts are held up for a run and then when exposed later they sprint better. If they weren’t held up they’d go 150m earlier and lose that turn of foot.

Race 1- SMART METEOR just held up and it was a blessing as he let down when exposed that bit later.

Rc3 PALAZZO SPIRIT. Baylee swung off him half the straight and when he let him go he put a couple of lengths on them that won the race.

Rc4- EXO LADY slightly held up which meant she was exposed later and let down extremely well.

Rc6 EAST ASIA slightly held up half the straight and let down too well.

Rc7 TOTALLY CHARMED held up, held up (on purpose by Thompson) and saved for last shot with turn of foot.


*Now the blackbook*

GARIBALDI- He’s a ripper and that was far more like it on Saturday. The summer carnival is very suitable for him.

SWISS EXILE- Huge debut. Started bucking after the start and to finish that close was incredible.

HARD TO SAY- Have always liked this horse and it was a good bounce back from the heavy track flop. Out to 1200m on a dry track and he’ll be hard to beat.

GAROPPOLO- Just aim lower. Would win multiple races in a row if placed that way.