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I have mentioned the last couple of week about how this track is being ridden. We might have found part of a reason. Around 5 races on the weekend were run at very slow tempos, here is something I tweeted Monday.

Some races to note EF Sat (Class Benchmark speed to 600m)


Rc1- 3.1L slower than BM to 600m

Rc2- 11L slower

Rc3- 8.7L slower

Rc4- 5L slower

Rc5- 7.1L faster


CHAMPAGNE VEGA- He was good fresh before a flat 2nd up run, that’s no surprise for a stayer. This was a walking race up front, he settled last and ran the best L200m of the meeting. In for a good prep and there will be easier races than this around through the prep.

MASTER JAMIE- This was an incredible win. 61kg, led at 4.7L quicker than avg and still pissed in. He’s just a winner!!

BELLISSIMI AMICI- Was very good from the back in a slow run race. A gate is important for this horse. Out to 1350-1400m wouldn’t be an issue with a gate where it can land in front of 4-5.

PLAYTHEFIELD- Hard to be that keen this horse. I’d love some head gear thrown on and they need to go back to maiden grade and get a win on the board. 1400m maiden on a big track would be what I’d want.

SILVERA- I had him in the first 4-5 and if that was the case he’d have won. He had no hope after 200m. Run was very good.