Blackbook and more

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It’s been a really busy few weeks but I think I’ve finally caught up and back to a bit of a rhythm.

Here are some blackbookers from the week. We will start with Brisbane and I may add more through the day.

PIPPIE- This was the win of the weekend. She went out about 7L quicker than average and still had the 3rd best L200m of the race. She is pretty exciting and looks to have plenty of upside.

BOOMTOWN LASS- Might have been on speed and the place to be this time of the day but they still went above avg tempo and she ran the quickest time of the four 1200m races on the day.

MAGNUFIGHTER– Best L600m of the day, very good again but has to get to 1600m now.

AUERBACH- Expected he’d run well, this was a well judged ride from Lloyd but just couldn’t hold of Snitch who has been flying.

SNITCH- No reason he can’t win again if he stays in work but expect he might go for a break now.

MONGOLIAN WOLF– Settled a long way back in a race not run to suit. Can be winning races if they stay in QLD.