Blackbook from Saturday

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Here are the horses to follow.

ERIC THE EEL- Speed suited but good late. Might need one more and then to 1600m on a big track would be ideal.

MAGNUFIGHTER-Ready now. Might need some winkers or blinkers to be at best also.

RED CHASE- Can’t believe what I seen here. You simply CAN’T win trying to do what he did here. This is the opposite sort of ride I’ve been talking about when saying how to ride EF. Great effort by the horse.

MITTERE- Good speed and kept kicking. Ticked the 1200m box here.

SLOW HANDS-Going really well and fought hard to just go down late. Gap to the 3rd horse a good sign.

IMPASSE-Fradd keeps missing the kick on the horse. It might just be him but interesting to see what they do next start. The horse is airborne.