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A couple also at the GIBBOS TIPS page for GCTC:

THE RED KITE– Race panned out well but this was the win of a horse who can keep winning races up here. Dominant late.

MUBARIZ- Not sure I can be too confident this horse as it’s a long time between wins. Has built well this prep and ready for a suitable 2000m race at EF.

DEEPOUR– God bless him, just a winner in a great stable. Best late split of the day again and anything on a big track 1000-1200m looks his at the moment. Sunny Coast and EF are his tracks.


This week on TWO FLOGS (Footy episode) podcast we interview REECE ROBSON from the Cowboys and review what went on last weekend. Throw in a bit of a preview for this weekend also.

Also the regular nonsense we gibber on about in the normal weekly episode on FRIDAY. A couple of very good FLOGLINE callers and Flogs Of The Week. Get on board!