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Blackbookers from Prime Minister’s Cup weekend:


PERON– Confirmed what we all thought of her. Will go on with it.

LE VAL– Improved out of sight 2nd race start and I’d expect he will continue to improve.

MISSY LONGSTOCKING– She will take improvement and be competitive in the features.

EXPRESS POWER– Dominant and she deserves to be one of the Oaks fav’s.

DOLPHUS– Not sure where she heads next. She can run well in the big races but if she drops in grade she should win.

KARUTA QUEEN– Weight may have beat her and she was at her front running best.

BELLTONE– Come off a long break but really liked his run and he will improve each run. I will be following all prep.

FORETELLER– Everyone spotted his run. Wide and still hit the line better than anything.

OUR CELLADOOR– (melb) Stuck out in the middle of the track by herself and may have got a bit lost. Good effort and can win next start.

BALEEN IN ME– (perth) Ran well behind a good one. Ready to win.


**Just a quick mention of the time run in the last race run at the Gold Coast on Saturday. A blistering 1:08:23 was registered but nobody can apparently confirm if that was the time?? Others have timed it themselves say it’s out by different amounts. Is this not a bit of a joke? This is why those who follow me know I respect sectional times but don’t rely on them. It seems every week there are arguments over race times or sectional times.

The biggest argument from clubs around Australia is it costs a lot, but here in QLD so does ripping up a turf track, laying down a synthetic track and then relaying the turf track!!! 10’s of millions actually..Thumbs down

Look at the Hong Kong website, there is that much FREE information for punters to get on and give themselves every opportunity that it has to increase turnover? Even the kiwi racing site is set up really well and you can see a replay of every horse in the country, for nothing! I have had many people say to me that they rather bet in Asia now with the website information you can get when betting there compared to here.

We can access Sky Media and Racing Network which are great sources of information, but will a club ever decide to tinker their setup with sectionals, replays, track/stewards reports, interviews etc to help out the punting public that they want to bet on their products? Stranger things have happened, but don’t hold your breath!!


*Plenty more to come on the site this week!!