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A pretty fair day for ‘The Punt’ and Blackbook followers Saturday and here are some more Blackbookers from a big week!


INTO THE RED– I believe is Sydney bound and looks a good type.

CABALLO RAPIDO– Did the job for us and no reason he won’t win again.

HEZA BOBBY DAZZLER– Nice win at the Sunny coast and can win again if placed right.

ALQUERO– Tough 2nd to horse above and looks cherry ripe if placed right.

COUNTY COMMANDS– Nice win and should simply take big benefit from the run.

EMPRESS IN FLIGHT– Dunn stable back and firing of the last two weeks and this horse can win a similar race.

CATKINS– (Syd) Like this horse and it will measure up going further into prep. Follow.

MARDEN– (Syd) I think he lost sight of the bunny going back from the gate and he will take great improvement from this.

SPIRIT OF HEAVEN– (Melb) No luck and I think can make amends when we see her next.

BONARIA– (Melb) Usually needs a run and this was a great way to kick prep off!


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