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Here are a few to follow from the week.

*Be sure to duck over to for the all important blackbookers and sectionals there. LUANA was mentioned in both a fortnight ago before winning at $12 on the weekend.

DAWSON DIVA- She’s very good on her day. She got it run to suit but no reason she doesn’t win again.

AEECEE TONG DEE– I was surprised to hear a few people say this horse was likely leader early Sat morning? Not sure if stable told people or what but she went nearly 8L+ faster than the avg and ran well to run 2nd. She better with a sit and can make amends.

BETTER REFLECTION- Should have won. If the jock had just peeled three wide before the corner to stay out of trouble she’d have bolted in. Instead she got shuffled back to last and had an impossible task. Ran best L400m and 200m of the day.

ATLANTIC KING- Just took a while to get going in the straight and still learning the craft. Handy one in the making.

**Recap on a couple of the best bets:

SMARTYPY- I have no idea what this ride was about and can’t believe there wasn’t a question asked by stewards regarding the run. It was a slow run race and they simply dragged the horse back to near last meaning it had no hope. They jumped on terms and could have found the 1/1 spot. Now we simply have no idea how she’s gone as she was plain in the straight.

TRAIL OF GLORY- More than happy to forgive her. She got chopped out at the wrong time. She has run the best split (600-400) before the check and ran the 2nd best L200m so run was better than it looks on paper.