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LA AMISTAD– Just keep in the book for 3 runs, she will win one of them and this was one of the best second last’s I’ve seen. Seriously good for a horse wanting 2000m+.

ROYAL DESCENT– I reckon she has come back as good as ever. Great run against the tempo.

GYPSY DIAMOND– 2000m+ and she will take beating. Quality animal.

BEATNIKS– Looking for more ground and can turn into a very handy horse.

DETOX– Nice horse who should be in for best prep yet off a good return.

OFFICE BEARER– On the way up and we are not sure it could end up.

POLITENESS– Not sure where she is going but she has come back a treat!

COUNTY COMMANDS– Don’t get me started! Love our girl and should make amends.

SOME CALL HER WILD– Probably the most underrated trainer in oz! Will continue to win.

FAIRYTALE BELLE– Will sneak some wins, reckon 1400m is the go and eligible for a ‘kill’ if needed.

DAYEALA– If they decide to take the easy option it can give them a spanking midweek.








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