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PALLADAS– Got a long way back and three wide the trip. Sectionals say he was no hope so the effort was very good. Reckon a J.Byrne might really suit this horse and keen to see where he ends up. 

DZENIFER– God bless her, thought she’s start around the $5-6 mark but drifted again late to be $10+. I’ve always liked her and this was a good positive ride, up on speed and even though I felt he might have gone a bit early she was still good through the line and has more wins in store.

STAR OF MICHELIN– Blinkers off and all of a sudden is more tractable. Good win and will get further. Big tracks only.

*There were 2-3 trials I was very interested in at Beaudesert that we may have got a couple to follow from but no footage unfortunately.