Blowouts at the midweekers

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**Here’s just a quick article that I found interesting for those who missed it.


I often get e-mails asking me why I don’t give more midweek mail or selections? The answer is that it’s a whole different ball game and there is a different type of horse that race midweek. I’m more comfortable watching them and considering them when they hit town of a weekend, and I’d rather spend the time interviewing trainers etc to keep everyone informed. A lot of other people love the midweeks, but I think they are usually worth swerving.


A great example was today! Of the eight races, there was only one winner that was under double figures!

The price of the eight winners were:

$14.70 — $3.80 — $12.10 — $18.70 — $26.40 –$27.80 — $13.00 –$15.60.


That is on the brink of unbelievable and punters would have had their pockets hanging out.

*We know move onto the weekend. Listen to RadioTab Thursday for my early weekend selections (I will try to get an article up with them later in the day if possible) and ‘The Punt’ preview will be up as usual on a Friday. We may even have a good/dead track to work with if the rain stays away!