Boom racing Al Maher colt update

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We hope this fellow can run as fast as he eats, his appetite is like no other either us nor the Gollan Racing team have every witnessed. As many in the industry will say….. good doer equals good racehorse. Racehorses are no different to us, they are what they eat. After completing his work in the morning which consisted of a half pace gallop and 15 minutes on the walker this colt absolutely savaged his feed tin.


So much so that he had licked dry his tin whilst most others had barely started. This colt ticks all the boxes, a great doer and a great mover. As we have alluded to he will not be an early 2-year-old and won’t be pushed to be one and something he is not. You can see him however getting to the track as a 2-year-old around March.


Al Maher is taking all before him at the moment in the 2-year-old ranks and has gone from no winners in the early 2-year-old races to having 6 individual 2-YEAR-OLD winners in the past 3 weeks. It has been said many times before but the stallion is the single most under rated sire in the country.


Nothing is certain in racing but the signs from first seeing this fellow on farm back in January are extremely positive. He definitely caught the eye at our recent open day and is now very close to being fully subscribed. He will provide a ride this fellow and it will be intriguing to watch his progress over the next 6 months.