Brisbane Premiership battles

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I thought it would be a good time to have a bit of a look at the BRISBANE Metropolitan PREMIERSHIPS as the year is rolling around quickly.

(If my information is correct, the data below should be too. If not then it is very close)Horse shoe

As far as the TRAINERS premiership is concerned it has pretty much been a one way street with Rob Heathcote dominating for last few years. This year however Matthew Dunn has been leading most of the season, getting out to an early lead and holding it. Heathcote and Gollan are making their runs and are looking to grab the lead.

Heathcote has hit the lead by half a winner, he has 26.5 winners at 10% so far this season and is looking to improve on that. If he can improve that 10% strike rate he is a moral to hold on.

Matty Dunn has tipped a lot of his good horses out lately and Gollan in particular looks to have a few nice horses returning and he is starting to get some results.

Dunn has 26 winners at a very good 19%, but was well into the high 20% earlier in the season (although that is nearly impossible to keep up for 12 months). Gollan is closing the gap on the top two with 23 at 12%.

These three trainers are well ahead of the rest and look to have the battle between them. There are some other very good efforts around the place including Darren Bell with 7 winners at 20% so far this year.

**So who will win?? You would think with weight of numbers and with nice horses around that good mates Heathcote and Gollan will be fighting it out but come later in the season you could make a case that Dunn may make one more late move? Too hard to guess. Good luck to all!


The JOCKEY premiership also looks a nice battle.

Cahill is dominating at the moment on 34 winners but Tim Bell who is in great form is putting the heat on with 28. Jim Byrne is having a great season with 24.5 and Colless is next with 24.

Very interesting to see Chris Munce within striking distance. He has 23 winners and will be the big mover as time goes on. He seems to be picking up a lot of the Les Ross trained horses and will continue to get very good mounts including carnival time.

As usual Colless 14% and Browne 21% are about the benchmark when it comes to strike rate and I am sure that will continue into the season!!