Brissyraces blackbook.

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SCATHING– Bumped into a good one. Can make amends soon.

LANGHRO- Can win again for sure in this form but we won’t be getting $8 again.

SO SPIRITED- A horse not a lot has gone right for since being in QLD but was placed well and can win a Saturday race soon.

FISTICUFFS- Keen to see where the team place this horse next. Just has a beautiful action and looks to be doing it all very easy.

BATTLE STRIKE- Good horse in the making, not sure if they try some type of headgear as he just took a while to concentrate in the straight but he’s in the right hands.

BABY BOOMER- Like the way this horse is going and can go through the grades.

BLACK STRATA- Bit easy in the market and just feel can be better for the run and will be helped by a decent gate.