Can anyone reach Heathcote?

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*I have been looking at starting a poll for a while now and am hoping to kick it off this week. This will be the first poll, and I look forward to seeing what you all vote for in each poll we do. You should find the poll on the side of the front page at some stage this week.

We have some great trainers around the South East QLD region and I have had discussions with a few people of late as too what may or may not happen over the next few years with our leading trainers, and some of the up and coming trainers looking to climb the ladder.

There is no right or wrong answer as far as the discussion goes, but it is interesting when people have differing thoughts on what they think may happen down the track. At the moment we have two clear standout with the large and very successful Patinack set up nipping on the heels of the three time premiership winner in Rob Heathcote.

From what I can see Rob has not been out to buy a lot of horses of late, however he has  the support of some breeders, a few syndicators and now a few interstate owners are heading his way after seeing him turn around a lot of horses and get them back to the winners circle. Will that be enough to keep the champion trainer on top, or will the massive Patinack team throw even more support and numbers behind Brisbane to try and knock Rob from the top billing? It has been a great battle for years now and Heathcote has been able to hold off the challenge. You will not find a harder worker than Rob and he will continue with that workload as he loves the challenge and wants to stay on top.

I’m interested to get people’s thoughts on this and am looking at having a poll on the front page for a week or two to get a tally going and see how the website followers vote.

I will also throw one more curly option in. Could a young,  growing trainer like Tony Gollan possibly chime in over the next couple of years and trouble both those stables to take out the title? Tony has some great owners and this year alone has purchased around 20 yearlings. With the stable he already has, and with those youngsters hitting the track you can expect his winning tally to grow. He is also making the move to Eagle Farm which is a bonus.

You also have guys like Matt Dunn and Kelly Schwieda who have some nice horses also.

I am intrigued to know, so vote on your choice. In two racing seasons from now, who do you think will be the premier trainer in QLD? Vote this week.