Couple of amazing runs on Saturday

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We have seen some good wins recently but i felt two on the weekend were exceptional. (Race by race review over at THE RACE CLUB but here are the standout performances)

MR MARBELLOUZ went about 5L quicker than benchmark to the 600m and still run the 2nd quickest L400m of the race in running around 1:08:88. That is just sustained speed and a repeat of that would have him winning nearly anything up here. He just has to be managed right to have an incredible prep.

The other was MISHANI VAIDRA, they did run along up front again here but you just don’t see them win like this at Doomben. She’s run the fastest L1000-800-600-400-200m of the race. She’s run about 9L faster than any other horse in the race for her last 1000m and she’s run 6L faster than any other horse in the race for the L600m. She run the 2nd fastest 1000-800m split, the 2nd fastest 800-600m split, the 2nd fastest 600-400m split, the fastest 400-200m split and the fastest 200m-home split of the race.