Credit where it’s due

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I was one of the first to be critical of the old Eagle Farm track but I wasn’t happy to be right about it.

For that reason I was a bit of skeptic when the ‘new’ Eagle Farm was being done. Now we have had enough race meetings to see how it will play I have to say it may well end up the best track in Australia. They seem to still want to stay off the fence but it’s still early days and a lot more remedial work will be done over the next 12 months.

Personally I couldn’t be happier with what we now have at ‘headquarters’ and rapt that especially the ground staff can be proud of what they have produced after being dragged into the last EF attempt. Many people have been under the pump since it all went wrong but they can take a deep breath now because this track is exceptional.

We race there this week and with all the rain and hot dry weather leading in we should have the perfect racing surface to punt on!