CTT update

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Just a quick update on CARE TO THINK as I’ve been asked by many people recently with the carnival coming up etc.

He has had a very long break as he did race for a long time without a decent break and then of course we brought him back when he got sick before the Kosi and then went ordinary his two runs back.

I’m not 100% on when he will return at this time but I’m pretty sure he will miss most of, if not all of the winter carnival and be ready around about when it’s finishing. From all reports he’s doing well now and close to starting slow work.

I’d love to be able to say he’s going to come back bigger and better but we will just have to wait and see, we have still not seen the very best of him, that’s the dream!

LIFESAVER is also back in work, he’s been a frustrating type but has plenty of ability. He simply doesn’t go on wet tracks and has to be kept under 1200m, his record when that’s the case is very, very good.