Doughty’s triple shot Saturday

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One of Queensland trainers with a spring in her step at the moment is Kelly Doughty. One of her up and comers Black Cash got up Saturday week ago in the $250,000 Qtis race at the Gold Coast and she has a strong team on their way to Eagle Farm this Saturday.

As the members would know I try to find a trainer with some good chances to have a chat to heading into the weekends and see what we can find out about their chances. I caught up with Kelly to get a quick rundown of her three horses that accepted for the weekend- Black Cash, Sanderson and Craigellachie.

Sanderson has been in improving each run and is in the 1600m race with 53kg. “Hopefully the track will improve, I have dropped him back to the 1600m, he is going really well and I am happy with him.” Doughty said. I then asked if a slow track would see him run and be ok for him? And Kelly thought that would be fine.

Black Cash has always showed a lot of promise and always struggles to get a suitable firm track, even though that didn’t seem to stop him last start Doughty told me she would rather the track dry out. “I’m hoping Saturday won’t be too bad, I would prefer the track not to be too wet for him.”  Interestingly Black Cash will have a couple of weeks off after Saturday and come back for a couple of races over our carnival.

The Doughty stable’s other runner on Saturday will be Craigellachie and Kelly was very pleased with his very unlucky run last weekend. “He is a lovely horse, very unlucky last Saturday, for the last 250m Matt just couldn’t go anywhere on him, his run was terrific, he is backing up and I am hoping the weather fines up for him too.”

All three of the stables runners have great chances in their respective races and just talking to Kelly I got the feeling that all are ready to fire but she would really like the tracks to dry out for all their chances. Do not be surprised if we get a dead track come Saturday and all three come out and are right around the money. Kelly is one of the best trainers at placing horses in suitable races, and I feel she has done it beautifully on the weekend again.

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**Also we will have Slipper – BMW previews up tomorrow at some stage for the big weekend ahead.