Gibbos New Year message

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Just another quick New Years message. (for those looking for the new year preview it is on the front page of brissyraces)

I just want to take a moment to thank every person who has come on the site to check it out, also to those who have either helped me or the site in some way. To all the sponsors- THANKYOU, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be up and running!Pillars of Strength Logo

To a couple of terrific blokes- Nathan Friend and Tom Rockliff, these two fella’s helped out with the Pillars Of Strength message in one way or another, both in different ways but both meant a lot to me and I will try to help out PILLARS more this year. If you are a sportsman who is interested in donating  something for the yearly Golf Day and auction the PILLARS OF STRENGTH hold, simply email or get in contact with me and it will help them out. It could be as simple as a signed training shirt, anything that raises $$ helps the families.

I will also look at improving Brissyraces where possible and get as many interviews and previews up as I can.

Once again, thanks for the year, I hope you and your family have had a safe holiday period and remember to spread the Brissyraces word when you can!