Gibbo’s Wrap Up- ‘The Champ’

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To tell you the truth, I’m not sure exactly what to talk about? I thought it was a good weekends racing, but many races just looked like there were tired horses involved and I really don’t think form lines will hold up over the next month or so in Brisbane.

Seriously don’t think brissy is worth talking about. I feel the last two races will be the only races that will hold any decent form. As I said in the preview I had time for Crystal Doll, but didn’t expect it to win at $51…. Risk Aversion was a very good run, but took a while to get going. Only my opinion, but I would be trying an in-form jock that may get busy on her a bit earlier and put her into the race. While we are on the subject I will mention Achievements. Chris rode him last week when he bustled him out of the gates and then did some bicep curls trying to hold him together and the horse resented it. Toby Edmonds then removed the blinkers and tongue tie to relax the horse, but again he was bustled out and then quickly restrained? Hard to understand as he looked to be travelling ok in the run.

In the last Kilwinning Option looked home only to be run down late by the in-form Double Impact. Those two and Empress Me can all be followed with great confidence.

I have not talked about ‘The Champ’ in a long time, and I think it’s about time. Let’s get it straight from the start. This is simply my opinion, and this is what’s great about racing and about BLACK CAVIAR, we can all have an opinion. She is simply one of the greatest animals we will ever see. I am 31, and I have been blessed to follow OCTAGONAL, SAINTLY, MAKYBE DIVA, SUNLINE and NORTHERLY. As I followed the big ‘O’ through his career I never imagined a horse that could capture my imagination the way he did. Like in the Derby where he looked gone, but got up over Saintly, and I will never forget the 1997 Chipping Norton Stakes when a lot had written him off only for Shane Dye to take off at the 800m and smack a good field to put the knockers on their arse! I never thought I could ever find a horse to take me to another level of loving racing, but I can say that it has now been done. BLACK CAVIAR is a once in a lifetime horse. She is simply outstanding. For those who say she is beating nothing, do your form! She has run 1:08:70 beating Hay List in Sydney. She also ran 1:08:80 at WFA in Brisbane, and who could forget her 1:07:30 with 58kg in the Newmarket handicap in one of the rare races that they give her a few fair dinkum slaps on the rump..(but only a few). Still to this day I feel she is probably better at the 1000m-1200m, as her record shows, and the fact she has demoralised the best 1000m horses we have, which are the next best in the world.

As for the debate about ROCKET MAN……..PLEASE!!!!! She would pick him up and spit him out, that is surely not an issue anymore? Yes he is past his best, but was his best anywhere near her, NO! He is outstanding, and a credit to all involved with him, but he would be embarrassed by her.

I have to admit I am one who did want to see her head overseas, but I wasn’t keen for her to step up in distance, and to tell you the truth I’m still not. Yes she treated them with contempt at 1400m yesterday, but what is the real need to get to a mile plus? Like most people I want to see her tested, but why take her out of her comfort zone? Do you want to see Usain Bolt run 400m? I know a lot of people will say yes, but you are twisted and you like champs to be brought down a peg when there is no reason too.

Some punters are talking cox plates etc. Could she win a race like that? Possibly, but from where I stand there is absolutely no reason to even consider it. The horses she beat Saturday were very good, but most were 2400m horses resuming. A horse like So You Think has blown fields like that away before, but have a look at his cox plate wins and you will realise that he is the benchmark when it comes to the middle distances and he is actually very similar to ‘The Champ’ in the fact that he can rattle off a sectional a long way out and put top line horses to the sword a long way out.

Now that I have people off side I will talk about the other side of the equation and the fact that she can take the hype to another level this preparation if she pulls off the plans of her trainer Peter Moody. They are talking of three runs in three weeks. That would mean dropping 400m in distance to the lightning next week, and then jumping in distance to the Futurity another week later. As much as I don’t want them too because of obvious reasons (No other horse could do it), I am warming to it and would love her to take on the task as it would be something we remember forever and could tell our kids about. I have a hell of a lot of time for Hay List. He is fantastic, but he simply can’t match it with ‘The Champ’.  He will be wound up, while she is dropping back 400m, but it won’t matter because she will just do her thing and do it easy.

What has really grabbed me is the fact Moody has started to talk it up a bit and is keen to back her up three weeks in a row. In a way it is saying they are going to stop treating her with kid gloves and will instead stick it to her and therefore stick it to all her rivals. Most importantly it puts the poms on notice that the camp is fair dinkum and that when she gets there she will be tougher than she has ever been.

Whatever you do, tell your mates, get your partner involved, get the kids in front of the television or even have a Black Caviar party if you and your mates are mad enough. But make sure that you make the most of the next month or so of what we are going to see from this absolute superstar, because you may never have the privilege to ever see anything like ‘The Champ’ again.