Going ‘One on One’ with Trent Edmonds

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Our “One on One” page is something I love doing and I know you guys (mostly) love finding out about some of the people in different jobs within the industry and what makes the people tick.

We have had time to catch up with Trent Edmonds. If the name rings a bell that is because he is the son of Gold Coast trainer Toby and I thought it would be great to find out what young Trent has done in his time in the industry and what lies ahead? He is a great young bloke who I am sure will be part of the QLD industry for a long time..


Gibbo: Hey mate, thanks for joining us.

Trent: No worries Gibbo, thanks for having me.


Gibbo: Let’s start by letting out your age and where you grew up?

Trent: I’m 21, was born in Scone NSW, and lived in quite a few places, we moved from Scone to Gold Coast in 94 and then to Sydney in 2000, for 10 years, now I’m back on the Gold Coast it’s a bit of a homecoming so to speak.


Gibbo: With your dad being in the industry was your first job with him or with someone else?

Trent: I have been going to the track for as long as I can remember, and started mucking out boxes on a Saturday morning as a youngster for dad, and gradually took more interest from that point, first real job was with Peter Snowden at Warwick Farm however.

Gibbo: Where you always going to work with horses or have you had other plans/ambitions?

Trent: Well I was keen on the industry, not working with horses originally was the plan, as I had 2 weeks of work experience with the racing guys at The Daily Telegraph, and one week with Winning Post, they let me write 2 articles which I’ve still got around somewhere, that was a huge thrill ringing up some of the best trainers around and speaking to them about their horses, and having your name over a piece of work, but I didn’t really enjoy the indoors aspect of it.


Gibbo: What other jobs have you had within the industry?

Trent: 2011 I travelled to all of the carnivals with the Peter Snowdens horses, it was brilliant to be involved in such a successful period of time with Darley, as they are great to work for and you can really learn things by watching and listening to Peter, especially when you’re interstate as its very hands on, other than that I spent a bit of time as a Barn Foreman at Patinack Farm Sydney stable, which I was grateful for as John was willing to give a young guy like myself a chance.


Gibbo: Best piece of advice you have been given?

Trent: From Peter Snowden. Keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t be afraid to roll the sleeves up for some hard work.


Gibbo: What’s the best horse you have had anything to do with? And why?

Trent: I’d love to lay claim to Sepoy but I only walked him a few times and he already had a strapper. I’d have to say Beaded, which I looked after in winter 2011, she was so tenacious and as everybody knows left absolutely nothing on the track, for her to be run down by Sincero in the Stradbroke, let’s just say I had to put my sunglasses back on and my head down, I was shattered because she deserved the win that day.


Gibbo: Highlight of your time in racing so far?

Trent: Being in the Darley team for the career of Sepoy, I’m my eyes he has been the most dominant juvenile for a long long time, even though Pierro went undefeated, it was the margins Sepoy won by, and times he ran, that make him so special.


Gibbo: You have been all around the place, I’m interested to know what you think is the best track in Australia? (we won’t ask for the worst)

Trent: As a training track, the Sunshine Coast Cushion is just unreal, they can really run some time on it with minimal fuss, but as a racing venue you can’t go past Flemington.


Gibbo: What’s your play if you got down to your last $100?

Trent: Ring you for a tip!


Gibbo:  Good answer!

Thanks for taking the time mate, it is appreciated and I’m sure I speak for all the readers when I wish you the best of luck going forward!

Trent: Anytime Gibbo thanks very much.


**Of course you can find out everything on the Edmonds stable by going to their website tobyedmondsracing.com.au  or clicking on our trainers page!