Happy Holidays!

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Hello everyone.

Just a quick letter to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas! Whatever you do, have a great time, but make sure you stay in one piece!


Thank you to everyone who follows the site. From the guys and girls who have been on board from day one, to those who have just found out about brissyraces.com.au. Everyone getting on the site as often as possible helps the site grow, and I am looking at adding some new innovations to the site in the coming year that will hopefully help take it to a new level. I will also try to add more articles and keep everyone up to date with all things racing, so you have the information to work with.


It is a pleasure to help punters and racing lovers as it is a passion we all share. Remember if you have a favourite horse or a jockey you would like to chase up, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I will always do my best to help out.

I hope you have all enjoyed the site this year,  that you will continue to check the site out in the new year, and tell a few racing friends about it too.

Thanks again, and have a cracking holiday period!