Introducing The Race Club

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The new site that will change the punting game is THE RACE CLUB and I am rapt to be involved from the start with a great crew of racing professionals. Very exciting for all punters, from the small weekend punters to the pro’s, it will cover everyone and help you all with doing the form. Mounting yard comments, up to date track info, horses to follow and much more!

Never fear, Brissyraces isn’t going anywhere and you will still get all my selections, it won’t change at all, but I will be doing some previews and reviews on THE RACE CLUB for the metropolitan meetings and hopefully more and more as we go along and grow.

Very close to launching, you can follow this link and watch a quick video and/or be one of the first to sign up for a Free trial period!

Get to it…

(if it doesn’t take you there try another browser)

The Race club