Ipswich Saturday

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Looked a very hard weekend with wet tracks last week but we were able to get best bet winners at both the Sunny Coast and Gold Coast. 

The weekend racing and country racing I cover for BetEasy and Racing.com have been the real focus. 

I’m fed up with the midweeks, we have massive rail movements and so many horses just start under the odds. 

Here are the links to the weekend and some best bets added. (not great confidence again).

JAMES O’SHEA LINK: https://soundcloud.com/racingnation/blair-gibson-ipswich-best-bets-18720

IPSWICH is a momentum track and luck plays a major role!

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I wouldn’t say super confident but I’ve had something on these.:

Race 3 #2 ALWARD $5.50

Race 7 #5 PENNINO $6

Best at the GCTC are on that webpage.

In Race 9 I’d be throwing SHALWA $11 and RIVER RACER $11 into quaddies. The fav JAMI LADY the one they have to beat but their best can win it. 


Race 5 #1 ELIXIR $5