Jock stats and underrated performers

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Not here to bag jocks and had a bit of time so thought I’d just throw up a few jock stats from the last 6 months to mention a few I feel are underrated (and a couple well known).

SHERIDEN TOMLINSON– A jock I seem to have a lot of luck with and amazed he’s not getting more rides with the good claim (provincial and city). Has ridden 34/288 at 12%. 68 of his last 100 rides have been double figures which makes it tough. Huge amount of them between 40-150/1. Averaged priced winner $8. Reckon he’s underrated.


BAYLEE NOTHDURFT– He is the leading rider and obviously gets a lot of good horses for the Gollan camp. He should have a good strike rate and he does. 52/185 at around 28%.  He’s just far more patient than nearly all the others and that is part of the reason he is so successful.  Averaged priced winner $3.45.


LUKE DITTMAN– A run of outs recently hasn’t helped his stats but still riding well. 20/127 at around 16%. Starting to get the Waller rides and is in career best form this season. Averaged priced winner $4.70


JUSTIN HUXTABLE– I have to be honest and he wasn’t a kid I was big on in the early days but he has just kept improving and he’d be one of the first I put on (including seniors and especially with the 1.5kg claim). He looks good on them, patient and can be aggressive when needed. 35/222 at close to 16%. Averaged priced winner $6.45.