Not many to blackbook

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Just one of those weekend where a lot of the form might be that strong and not a lot to blackbook. So Spirited could go in but that was our chance with him at $16, he won’t go around that price next time. #thegreatgame


J.BYRNE on DIAMOND DIVA. Very good from Jimmy in the last at Ipswich. He took a big risk and might have ended up with egg on his face if it didn’t pan out shooting back to the inside. It did work and the ride was the difference between winning and losing. About a nose was the margin!


MALAHIDE- Way too far back. Very unlike M.Cahill but he set this horse a near impossible task and she nearly got it done. She’d love a gate to land in front of 4-5 next time out. She can bounce back if she stays in work.

BEAU ARROW– Another one Cahill had to go back on from the gate and again just an impossible task. Late splits were good, best 600-400, 400-200 and 200-home splits of the race, just had too much to do.

DAVID VANDYKE– Yup, i’m blackbooking a trainer! He’s trained 9 of his last 21 to victory and he’s got some nice ones ready to resume. He is one of these trainers who can have a 4-6 week period of incredible results and don’t think we’ve missed it yet.


DOLLY SPARTAN– Reckon that she was well placed and she got the maiden out of the road but can’t believe the price she started. She will go to a CL1 but believe she’s not that good and likely to start a stupid price again. (Main thing she has going for her is the fact DVD trains)

AFTER ALL THAT- Just always talked about but doesn’t win often and has the get back pattern. Don’t think he’s as good as many say he is. He’s done a job for owners but looks as though he’s found his level.