Orman/Cassidy rides

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Those who follow the site will know I’m not a jockey ‘bagger’ but the one thing that really frustrates me (as i’ve mentioned over and over) is the fact that jockeys just seem to be happy to be dictated to, even if it means their horses have no chance because of it.

To be honest I am mainly talking about races 1600m+ where you have the entire back straight at most tracks to make a move. Last week we witnessed L.Cassidy on MUCH DEEPER completely pull their pants down after they’d walked in front he circled at speed and just kept going to steal the race. There is no doubt in the world the ride won the race!

Yesterday I thought LADY BING was nearly a good thing and knew the speed would be slow but thought she could still round them up. Well the speed was slower than slow and she was a clear last. Orman knew he was on the best horse, he had the swingers to make a call and when he pushed the button he was committed and again it was a winning move.

Ryan Wiggins also made a call a couple of months back, he didn’t win the race but gave the horse the best chance of winning that day.

What makes it funny is you have Bayliss and others getting time for not giving their horse the best chance of winning, but sitting back and wide in walking races and being content there (which happens in 90% of the time) is the best chance for horses? We’d have nobody to ride.

After banging on for 8 years it’s amazing we’ve seen two 11/10 rides from blokes making a call in the same week, let’s hope it’s contagious. Well done to them both!!