QLD stats

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Part of the form article i posted was following top jockeys or jocks and stables in form. I ran some stats from April 1st until today and posted them on Twitter yesterday. Just thought i would throw them up.

What made me think of it was the fact there has been plenty of talk about Robbie Fradd and his run of outs. Anyone who follows the site knows I’ve regarded him as our best up here for a long time. I’d rather have Baylee, Brad or Bayliss on these days but it was interesting reading.

*We have to remember jocks are just like punters, we all go in and out of form.*

*ROBBIE FRADD: Since April 1st.

5 winners from 33. A profit on turnover of -58%

Highest priced of those 5 winners was $4.80.

22 of his 33 rides have started under $5 so he’s getting an enormous amount of rides hard in the market. (12 of the 33 under $3)

*LUKE DITTMAN: Since April 1st:

9 winners from 55. A profit of turnover of +34%

Only 13 of his 50 rides have been under $5.

20 of his 50 rides have been $20+ so he’s getting nowhere near the opportunities but riding out of his skin!

This is something I might try to do once a month if i get time to try and help punters out and look for a jockey or two who is riding in career best form that we might be able to follow while they are on fire.