QTIS 600 is upon us!!

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The QTIS 600 sales are on this Sunday/Monday at the Gold Coast and there are some outstanding yearlings to be sold.

For those who don’t really know about Qtis600 it is for QLD bred yearlings and it makes you eligible for the massive bonuses when racing your horse all around QLD with major bonus races in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville, Dalby, Toowoomba, Cairns, Mackay, Roma, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. So no matter where you are based you have a great chance to pick up some Qtis bonuses.

In my mind it is the only thing keeping QLD racing alive at the moment as prize money increases seem to be a dream more so than a realization! But the standard Saturday 2-3 year old races are now worth between $52,000 and $74,000 to the winner for the eligible horses. I am pretty sure the average of last years sale was around $22,000, so you can see it is a great value sale for sure, and reasonably affordable for people to get involved.

Some of the best QLD stallions are : Show A Heart, Jet Spur, Outback Prince, Falvelon, All Bar One and many many more to choose from their offspring.

There are many different ways to get involved in horse ownership, you can simply get in contact with one of our great trainers (some of brissyraces fav’s are Tony Gollan, Darryl Hansen, Robert Heathcote, Adam O’Neill and Brad Herne. So I can get you in contact if needed) If you contact them, they may have shares available from as low as $1000 and up to going and buying a horse and racing it by yourself.

For example some of my best mates and I have decided we were going to go to the sales and buy a horse. We decided 2 years, we set down payment plans that each individual had to meet, signed contracts etc and we were on our way. Of course this can lead to arguments and such things, but I look at it as I would rather race a horse with my best mates than anyone else, and you know if your mates will go through with it, and you know how much fun it would be if you get a good one. We have a kitty after all our payments and we have enough to purchase a horse, get it broken in, pay to be eligible for the race series and still have enough for 18 months training. So we are on our way to the sales on the weekend and all the boys are over the moon!!

This is a bit of a rundown of how it all works off the Magic Millions website:

600QTIS 600 Yearlings are eligible for the fAdded Stakes & Restricted Races Eligible to QTIS 600 Sale Graduates

Through the payment of $3,300 (inc. GST)

QTIS 600 Race Series $ 1,500,000

QTIS 600 Bonus Series $ 2,690,000

Magic Millions Race Series $ 5,975,000


Standard QTIS Bonuses $ 5,940,000


Added Stakes & Restricted Races Eligible to all QTIS Registered Yearlings

Through the payment of $3,300 (inc. GST)

QTIS 600 Race Series $ 1,500,000

QTIS 600 Bonus Series $ 2,690,000

$ 4,190,000

Standard QTIS Bonuses $ 5,940,000


Added Stakes & Restricted Races

$1.5M QTIS 600 Race Series

Eagle Farm or Doomben $ 250,000

Gold Coast $ 250,000

Ipswich $ 150,000

Sunshine Coast $ 150,000

Rockhampton $ 150,000

Toowoomba $ 150,000

Townsville $ 150,000

Roma $ 50,000

Cairns $ 50,000

Dalby $ 50,000

Emerald $ 50,000

Mackay $ 50,000


$2.69M QTIS 600 Double Up Bonus Series

35 Metropolitan 2yo races with a $30,000 Bonus $1,050,000

120 Provincial 2yo races with a $10,000 Bonus $1,200,000

110 Country races with a $4,000 Bonus $ 440,000


$5.975M Magic Millions Race Series

Magic Millions 2YO Classic Gold Coast $2,000,000

Magic Millions 3YO Trophy Gold Coast $1,000,000

Magic Millions Cup Gold Coast $ 500,000

Magic Millions Open Sprint Gold Coast $ 250,000

Magic Millions Stayers Cup Gold Coast $ 250,000

Magic Millions Fillies & Mares Gold Coast $ 200,000

Magic Millions Maiden Plate Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions 2YO Plate Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions Class 6 Plate Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions Country Cup Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions 2YO Prelude Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions Perth 2YO Classic Perth $ 250,000

Magic Millions Perth 3YO Trophy Perth $ 125,000

Magic Millions Tasmanian 2YO Classic Tasmania $ 100,000

Magic Millions Adelaide 2YO Classic Adelaide $ 200,000

Magic Millions Wyong 2YO Slipper Wyong $ 200,000

Magic Millions 3YO Stakes Wyong $ 100,000

Magic Millions Toowoomba 2YO Trophy Toowoomba $ 100,000

Magic Millions National Sale 2YO Plate Gold Coast $ 100,000

Magic Millions Rockhampton 2YO Trophy Rockhampton $ 100,000


$5.94M Standard QTIS Bonuses

75 Metropolitan Bonuses of $30,000 $2,250,000

305 Provincial Bonuses of $10,000 $3,050,000

160 Country Bonuses of $4,000 $ 640,000


Total Added Stakes & Restricted Races

For those looking at getting a horse the rough guide to costs involved in racing a horse: (Just as a guide- check with each trainer as they differ a bit)

PURCHASE: $20,000 + GST

Qtis Registration: $3,300 That gets you into the QTIS seriers and the Magic Millions series!!

BLOODSTOCK AGENT (IF NEEDED): Around $1500 for that purchase price (again just ask)

BREAKING IN : A few thousand but check that out as I am not 100%.

ONGOING: costs differ a lot but usually around $25,000 a year, depending on a lot of different circumstances.(so if there is 10 of you in a syndicate $250-$300 a month each should go close to paying the bills)

That is just a really rough price guide for those who may want to know. But didn’t know how to ask.. Like I said it can be very expensive, but it can also be affordable if you do it properly. The best way without doubt is to get in contact with a few trainers and see what each one says.

We have had a little look into a couple of our studs and their yearlings on the website, Oaklands and Clear Mountain Fairview sent us a preview, so check them out.

For those interested in my limited knowledge of what to look for, these lots interest me:

LOT 23: Hidden dragon x Aradina

LOT 45: Tale of the cat x Big harmony.

LOT 216: Seqaulo x Invited

LOT 173: Outback prince x Get a life

The magic millions website has an online catalogue up including pictures on most of the horses. http://magicmillions.ddm.magsbyme.com/ebook_search/index/ebook_id/91/image_type/png

As I said I am going to the sales, so if you are out there keep an eye out for my ordinary mug and say hello! (i will try to get some pics up of the day) If you are buying- GOOD LUCK!