QTIS deadline

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As you would be well aware QTIS nominations for this season have been drastically reduced.
he changes to the Queensland Thoroughbred Investment Scheme (QTIS) is for the current registration of 2010 foals.
These changes were brought about by a meeting between Racing Queensland Limited and the Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland Association.
This revised scheme delivers total benefits of $8.01 million to eligible horses born from the 2010 breeding season. Horses born before this will continue under their original schemes.
The benefits include:
$35,000 bonuses will be allocated to the two and three-year-old races at each Saturday and public holiday metropolitan meeting, with base prizemoney less than $100,000.
$12,000 bonuses will be allocated to provincial TAB meetings.
$10,000 bonuses will be allocated to metropolitan midweek meetings.
$5000 bonuses will be allocated to non-TAB meetings.
This means eligible two and three-year-olds will compete in applicable races for a minimum of $85,000 at metropolitan meetings, $27,000 at metropolitan midweek meetings, $22,000 at provincial meetings and $11,000 at strategic non-TAB meetings. Effective from September 1, 2012 will be the metropolitan midweek bonuses for two and three-year-old horses and country bonuses will also be lifted to $5000 for two, three, four and five-year-old horses. These two components are also effective for horses under the previous QTIS.
$50,000 – Townsville
$50,000 – Rockhampton
$30,000 – Mackay
$30,000 – Cairns
$30,000 – Roma
$50,000 – Townsville
$50,000 – Rockhampton
$30,000 – Mackay
$30,000 – Cairns
$30,000 – Emerald
Both Queensland bred and breedback eligibility will remain the only eligibility criteria.
The initial fee has already closed at the below fees:
• Queensland-bred – $350 + GST
• Breedback – $900 + GST
Those yearlings where a payment has not been received by October 1 can still be eligible for the scheme. As outlined below there is a two-tiered structure depending on whether the October registration was undertaken and whether the yearling is Queensland-bred, or eligible via the breedback component of the scheme.
Initial Payment:
Queensland bred: $350 +gst
Breedback: $500 +gst
No Initial Payment:
Queensland bred: $700 +gst
Breedback: $1400 +gst
Due to these changes the last payment deadline of June 30, 2012 has been extended until July 31, 2012.
You can access the registration form on the following link: