Racing news and congrats Nat!

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*Before we get into a bit of news I wanted to touch on a couple of things. One is the passing of Wayne Wilson and the other of course Nat McCall and River Lad.

I didn’t know Wayne Wilson and only got to meet him once, it was at the Wayne Wilson medal presentation I was lucky enough to vote on. It was an honour and a thrill to meet him and everything people had said was true. He was a gentleman and for many people around my age he was the voice of racing and the soundtrack to our childhood!

On to Nat McCall, what a champion, what an effort and what a horse. The job Nat has done with old ‘Bill’ is exceptional and for a horse like him to seemingly keep improving at his age is amazing. He did get closer than nearly any other horse when he met Appearance and that proved super form. Horses like River Lad and Buffering are bulldogs and you put them up on pace and in a fight they will keep putting their head out and that is exactly what happened. What a nice little bonus it was a win for QLD.newspaper

*Chad Schofield has ridden the roller coaster that is racing. After winning the Derby on Sonntag Saturday Chad fell at Cranbourne on Sunday. It is believed he has a couple of fractures but may not need surgery. More updates soon.

*Brisbane Cup winner FLORIA has been retired after her stunning win on the weekend.

*Not sure if anyone seen the sour grapes episode of CALIFORNIA CHROMES owner after losing the Belmont stakes. It was pretty ordinary but the bit of slack I cut is that you are so emotional after a win or loss your always a chance of saying something stupid, you love your horse and just want to stick up for him. I’m sure next interview the pumpkin will be off and he will take a different path.

*We move to Ipswich on what is usually one of the toughest days on the calendar. Not an outstanding bunch nominated for the cup but it should be handy enough with Ironstein, Military Move, Garud and a few others amongst them.

*On the other side of the coin is the Eye-Liner over 1350m and it looks a cracking race and should be a good punting affair with a couple of horses who missed a run in the Stradbroke set to line up in Masthead and Into The Red.