Social Media

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As many would know I am not a big self-promoter but you may have noticed I have mentioned our FACEBOOK and TWITTER lately.

It is not worth going out and starting an account on them, but if you are on one of those social media outlets feel free to follow @brissyraces on TWITTER, and on FACEBOOK Like’ page.

I say that because on any given Wednesday or Saturday race day it is the easiest way for me to be able to update you guys/girls that have a bet. I wasn’t updating much on the weekend but when a track plays the way it did on Saturday there are times I can inform people about possible changes to where horses may take up a spot or things like track conditions may change all of a sudden through rain and I can give my advice to which horses that may suit.Social Media

Obviously it is too hard to change things around on the preview halfway through the day because people would blow up etc. I simply jump on those accounts if it is possible and may give thoughts race to race.

Every now and then we run a competition on Facebook to give away some stuff for the followers as well that never hurts.

Cheers, thanks again for all the support, hope you are all enjoying the site!