Some form factors

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Favourite punting factors:

Gday all, I’ve had a few conversations lately with friends and punters about some of the different form factors that can be important and what each of us take into account. Obviously there are too many to name but I thought I’d throw a few of my favourites out there and then leave it open for all of you to respond via Twitter, Facebook or email to see how everyone looks at race fields etc.


One of my favourite trends when having a bet. I won’t name names but when a horse may have been running around with a weak jockey on top or even a good jockey out of form. A jock upgrade is a huge factor for me. You might have had a 3kg apprentice on a horse it’s first couple of runs for the prep, it’s fitter for those runs and then gets a J.Byrne or M.Cahill on top. That can add 2-3-4L to them depending on circumstances. Of course you still have to figure in gates, maps etc but this is one factor I love.



Nothing is impossible but a wide gate over the 1050-1100-1200m at Doomben is a massive negative unless you have a horse with speed like a Houtzen etc. Any horse that can hesitate at the start or can be slow out you can just about pen them. They are tough starting points and you don’t often win when three wide the trip from these gates. Good gates are important but you want good gates for those who can land in the first two pairs. Any further back and buried on the fence can be traffic issues. Good gates for fast horses over the sprint trips at Doomben, TICK.



Many horses can trial well and some of those do go on to win on debut. I find many just need that day at the track on debut and are better for it. Nearly every horse will improve at their second career start, some by many lengths. They learn not just about going to the track, saddling up but mostly from what it’s all about during the actual race and from the fitness point of view also. Any horse that has run well on debut I’m extra keen to back at their next run (if it’s a winnable race obviously).


They are just a few I really like.

 Your turn, reply to the post or re-post it with what form factors you like etc when doing the form.


Have a great week.