Tatts new site + a new racing forum

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I thought it would be a good time to mention the new Tatts website  https://tatts.com/

  There were a few hiccups when the site first started up but I am happy to say most are now worked through and I am sure you will agree that it is a change in the right direction. I was most pleased that it wasn’t a complete overhaul as it can lead to mass confusion. Instead Tatts have made it easier while keeping the site familiar. Now that the site is performing well it really is worth checking out if you haven’t already. I don’t push people to get accounts, but if you are thinking about getting a new one somewhere, Tatts support us, so compare their fixed prices and see what you think.

Another new racing forum has been started by Brad Davidson and the guys at the Gold Coast Bulletin called iloveapunt. http://forums.goldcoast.com.au/iloveapunt/forum/

 It is for all race goers, punters etc, and allows people to communicate together and give their thoughts on all things racing. I am a member and try to check it out when possible. It is worth a look if you enjoy talking racing.

**And of course remember to spread the word and tell mates about brissyraces.com.au while you are at it! If you are on Facebook remember to ‘like’ our page..