Thanks again

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Just want to make more of an effort to say thanks to everyone for all the support you guys give me!

We have grown to a great little community and BRISSYRACES will never be as big as some of the other sites around (who are very good) but I think people enjoy the fact that you know the website and everything to do with it is done by me (Gibbo) and any contact is made straight to me.


I love receiving emails, tweets and facebook messages. I love the fact people care enough to write, but even those who don’t write, let me tell you that your support means a lot and if people were not getting on the site and not telling their mates about Brissyraces we wouldn’t be growing and continuing to go was well as we are.

As i said in a recent newsletter we are even looking at possibly sponsoring some local sports teams etc got those who follow us so sign up to the free newsletter and remember to follow on social media if you are on it.


Thanks again everyone