The week ahead

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First of all it looked like a good day to stay out of it yesterday and the rain just kept falling!

I love Doomben and it’s great to have it in good shape for the time being but WHY oh WHY in the middle of winter do we race there Saturday, then Wednesday and again Saturday???? After all the talk of giving tracks a break etc etc we just go and chop the hell out of Doomben again. Look after one to cruel the other? It will be a mess in seven days time. I just have no idea how or why that is ever thought of as a good idea? It’s obviously because EF is offline now but there has to be people out there that can work something out programming wise to try and look after the 2nd best track in the state… (insert shaking head emoji here)


Anyway the week ahead. Firstly let’s hope for drying weather. I will be going over the midweek form but it’s fair to say with the rail 7m and at Doomben again I’ll probably not have any best bets there. The Grafton carnival is on. This year I won’t have two full day previews like other years but I will try to get a few best bets up for each day.

Not sure how we are tracking for Saturday but should have something up there also.

Thanks again for following Brissyraces, have a cracking Sunday!