This joints a circus

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Honestly, anyone who follows Brissyraces knows I try to be as positive as I can be but at the same time being truthful.

Well enough is enough, this state has turned into an absolute circus.

Political clowns decided to go in twice the other states when it come time for the Point Of Consumption Tax. Morons.

Now we have the absolute debacle that is IPSWICH. We’ve lost meetings because of rain, we’ve lost them when it’s dry. But do we put a line through the joint and fix it?? Nah, don’t be stupid, let’s put a meeting on there Wednesday and call it off again Tuesday. (YET ANOTHER MEETING) (Transferred to Doomben I should say)

As I said on twitter the local drunks at the pub were laughing saying they wouldn’t race on Ipswich and that it’s stupid to pencil a meeting in, but HEY! Our powers to be are getting paid to make these calls.

I’m embarrassed trying to promote the joint, I’m embarrassed for the club, I’m embarrassed for racing in the state!

We get Eagle Farm back and look like we might kick some goals and then we just revert back to looking like dills.

Whens it going to stop??


I was going to put a foot note saying I’d taken a breath, but no. For some reason after the transfer, RQ have redrawn barriers just for race 6. After obvious blowups they then go back to original barriers. Some bookies had markets with seven scratchings but only five scratchings so some markets were betting without them in the race. What a joke. Some had INDY BON BON in, some had it L SCR and some had it SCR.