This weeks sectionals

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The popular article is back again this week. A look at some of the best sectionals/runs of the weekend.

KING LEAR– They went at a decent clip and he had the right to finish off but he ran the fastest 600-400, 400-200 and 200-home splits of the race. In a race where there were a lot of good runs, his was excellent. L600 (33.40)

MACEWEN– Slow run race and another race where there were some good splits but his were the best. L600-(33.16). L400-(21.56). L200-(10.70). Every split from the 800m home was quicker than the next. (Ran quickest L200m of the day

MEET MR TAYLOR- This race was 6L quicker than the 2yr old race on the day, they went 3.4L quicker than the benchmark to the 600m and not only did he lead he still ran the quickest L200m of the race. About the best run of the meeting.

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