UBET wrap up

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Early Birds:

After taking deductions into account, there were none.

Hard Lays:

R2.7 Final Zero $3.50 out to $4.20 (won).

R3.2 Primal Flight $6.00 out to $10 (2nd).

R4.2 Frespanol $4.80 out to $6.00 (6th) & 3 Flamboyer $6.00 out to $12 (5th).

R5.5 Gatlinburg $4.00 out to $6.00 (won).

R6.3 Outraged $6.00 out to $9.00 (won).

R7.4 Sarajevo $3.80 out to $4.50 (7th) & 10 See Miracles $6.50 out to $9.50 (2nd)

Best Backed Runners:

R1.1 Whypeeo $1.30 in to $1.17. 88% of bag. 300 big bets (won).

R2.3 Of The Day $2.10 in to $1.90. 55% of bag. 1,100 bets (3rd).

R3.7 Mishani Sleuth Solid $1.90 fav. 60% of bag. 550 bets (won).

R4.5 Dreams Aplenty $4.40 in to $2.90. 40% of bag. 400 bets (2nd).

R6.4 Vassal $7.00 in to $3.40. 35% of bag. 1,100 bets (2nd).

R8.6 Sabkhat $2.10 in to $1.80. 60% of bag. 800 bets (won).

Bookie Basher:

R5.5 Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg drifted from $4.00 out to $6.00, 2,000 punters were on and bookies lost a graduate engineer’s salary.

The Ticket Tossers:

R4.5 Dreams Aplenty (2nd)

Dreams Aplenty led easily enough and controlled the tempo under a vice-like grip rounding the turn. You have to feel for punters here, as he looked home early in the straight but got overtaken by Someday who let down enormously for a solid win, under hands and heels riding.

R2.3 Of The Day (3rd)

Of The Day was a tough watch, three-wide, no cover in a five horse field. She stuck on well to finish third.

Ssshhhh…Next Time:

R9.8 No Annamosity (8th) & 3 Shipwrecked (5th)

Clearly Shipwrecked had no luck in the straight after being heavily backed and is one to follow. No Annamosity looked to have plenty more to offer, after getting well back in the run and sticking to the inside.

Double The Sling:

R6.3 Outraged – Ric McMahon

Outraged settled well under Ric McMahon at the back of the field. He was able to take advantage of the gap in the straight with a well-timed run and under vigorous riding, lifted him over the line to nail Vassal in the final fifty.



Early Birds:

R5.3 Deploy $5.60 (wed after deductions) in to $2.90 (won).

R6.8 Ravi $13.00 (wed) in to $7.00 (won).

Hard Lays:

R1.5 Marquita $3.50 out to $4.80 (2nd).

R3.1 Alward $1.85 out to $3.00 (4th).

R5.6 Egg Tart $2.75 out to $4.80 (2nd).

R7.4 Pariah $3.00 out to $4.20 (2nd).

R9.5 The Pharoah $4.20 out to $5.25 (11th) & 11 Wayanka $7.50 out to $14.00 (won).

Best Backed Runners:

R2 1 Suncraze $2.70 in to $2.50. 45% of the bag. 2,800 bets (won)

R4.3 Addictive Nature $2.60 in to $2.00. 55% of the bag. 4,200 bets (3rd).

R5.5 Deploy $3.80 in to $2.90. 40% of the bag. 1,800 bets (won).

R7.5 Menari $2.75 in to $2.20. 50% of the bag. 1,200 bets (won).
R8.4 Tango Rain $2.70 in to $2.00. 60% of the bag. 1,100 bets (2nd).

R9.3 Interlocuter $6.50 in to $3.00. 40% of the bag. 1,100 bets (relegated to 2nd)

Bookie Basher:

R2.1 Suncraze

The bookies lost the new family sedan.

The Ticket Tossers:

R4.3 Addictive Nature

The hopes of more than four thousand punters were resting on Addictive Nature’s shoulders. He jumped well but not as well as the eventual winner Gold Standard. Punters were cursing after the turn as he never once looked likely in the straight and finished a well beaten third.

R9.3 Interlocuter

Thousands of tickets went flying after the protest was upheld.

Ssshhhh…Next Time:

R6.4 Danish Twist ($18)

Danish Twist settled well back in the run and got blocked in the straight by a wall of horses. She got out in the final hundred and hit the line well. Follow.

Double The Sling:

R3.12 Quick Defence – Brenton Avdulla

After securing a mid-field run on the fence, Brenton Avdulla was facing an uphill battle on Quick Defence still two lengths behind Imanui. Avdulla had to throw absolutely everything at the 6YO gelding to nab the favourite right on the line.


Futures Moves:

Golden Rose:

Gold Standard $51 in to $11

Addictive Nature $14 out to $21

Sanctioned $51 in to $26

Market: https://ubet.com/racing/future-races/horse-racing/horse-racing/golden-rose/golden-rose-stakes-all-in-23-09


The Metropolitan:

Alward $5.50 out to $13

Market: https://ubet.com/racing/future-races/horse-racing/horse-racing/metropolitan-handicap/the-metropolitan-all-in-30-09



Early Bird:

R9.3 Stampede $8.50 (wed) in to $4.20 (won).

Hard Lays:

R1.3 Samovare $2.70 out to $3.60 (won).

R2.8 Sunquest $3.20 out to $5.50 (3rd).

R3.3 Anaheim $6.50 out to $13 (4th).

R6.1 Shoals $2.90 out to $4.20 (won).

R8.5 He’s Our Rokkii $3.00 out to $4.80 (6th).

Best Backed Runners:

R3.16 Brahmos $3.20 in to $2.90. 40% of the bag. 1,700 bets (7th).

R5.1 Russian Revolution $3.60 in to $3.40. 35% of the bag. 1,500 bets (won).

R6.8 Sanadaat $3.60 in to $3.10. 40% of the bag. 900 bets (4th).

R7.2 Brave Smash $1.75 in to $1.65. 70% of the bag. 800 bets (won).

R9.3 Stampede $6.00 in to $4.20. 30% of the bag. 1,100 bets (won).

Bookie Basher:

R6.1 Shoals

The bookies lost an entry level Range Rover Sport.

The Ticket Tosser:

R3.16 Brahmos

Punters were expecting a collect when the heavily backed favourite Brahmos secured a great spot fifth, one-off the fence. It all went pear-shaped when he appeared to be hard ridden early and weakened terribly in the straight to run eighth.

Ssshhhh…Next Time:

R5.7 Houtzen

Houtzen was very popular with punters ($2.60 in to $2.40) even though she was taking on the older horses. The daughter of I Am Invincible covered more ground than the rest and still kept coming on the line. No doubt she will go even better second-up.

R4.3 Foundation

Foundation looked unlucky and he wasn’t fully tested. He settled last (led last start) and crept forward, only to get tightened and badly held up in the straight. When balanced up, he hit the line well.

Double The Sling:

R1.3 Samovare – Damian Oliver

Damian Oliver had plenty of work ahead of him as he settled Samovare second last with cover. He knew exactly the right time to make his move though, sustaining a long, wide run to beat them all comfortably in the end.



Early Birds:

Hard Lays:

R1.6 Danger Deal $2.10 out to $3.30 (won).

R2.2 Azzuro Bianco $4.80 out to $8.50 (4th).

R3.4 The Willybe $3.60 out to $6.00 (2nd).

R4.9 Silent Command $12 out to $21 (won) & 10 Bring Me Roses $3.60 out to $7.00 (2nd).

R5.7 Showpero $4.00 out to $6.00 (won).

R7.8 Oberland $3.70 out to $5.50 (12th/last)

R8.11 Von Costa Glass $5.50 out to $8.00 (won).

Best Backed Runners:

R1.11 Mondo Magic $3.00 in to $1.80. 60% of the bag. 400 bets (2nd).

R2.3 Counterplay $2.50 in to $2.20. 50% of the bag. 1,200 bets (2nd).

R3.2 Kellstorm $1.70 in to $1.60. 70% of the bag. 500 bets (won).

R4.2 Mutameyal $2.70 in to $2.30. 50% of the bag. 1,200 bets (7th).

R5.2 Quilista $1.95 in to $1.75. 60% of the bag. 900 bets (3rd).

R8.3 Night’s Watch $1.90 in to $1.60. 70% of the bag. 600 bets (6th).

Bookie Basher:

  1.  The bookies won on every race.

The Ticket Tosser:

R4.2 Mutameyal

The early signs were good early for Mutameyal punters. He led on his ear before handing up for a cushy spot third on the rail. The 3YO travelled well enough in the run but then a sight that punters never want to see – under the whip before the turn! He weakened right out of it to finish second last.

Ssshhhh…Next Time:

R1.12 Kabini ($51)

The roughie Kabini was only having her third race start and she appeared very green in her first two runs. The 3YO filly was caught out three deep without cover for the entire trip and only started to weaken in the final furlong. She’s a big chance to improve off that run.

Double The Sling:
R6.11  Raquel Clark on France’s Boy

It was a stellar performance by Raquel Clark to steer the attractively priced France’s Boy ($21 in to $11) to victory. After the turn she clearly had plenty of horse but found herself in heavy traffic. Clark patiently waited for a gap and when it appeared, she drove through to score.