Weekend blackbookers

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Not a bad weekend of racing and we have a few to follow.

ASTRO BOY TOY– Beaten fair and square but feel this bloke has more upside than any in the race. He will improve with racing and they might even tinker with some winkers or similar.

SIENNA ROSE– This was always going to be a task from the gate and with her pattern. Still feel if Stewart follows the winner on the corner she’d have still won this.

MACEWEN– He’d be better suited across the road but very good once he hit his top here. He’s a nice horse.


R.Fradd- Veranes: Absolute gem, missed the kick as expected, found fence and saved every inch possible. He gave this every possible.


R.Fradd-Whypeeo: He went from ride of the day to the worst of the day in one race. Missed the kick and landed outside Handsome Thief. Instead of settling there as a good plan B, he kept pushing to make up 6L but they went nearly 8L quicker than avg to the 600m. Impossible task.