Weekend Wrap Up

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Much happier to have a look back after a good weekend.

We were able to tip the winners in races 2,3,4,5,6 on RACING.COM which hopefully helped the punters out. Three of them were best bets.

*Not much luck at the GC where storms hit and it went from a 5 to a 7 to a 9 and the best bet was scratched out of the last halfway through the day.

What people need to understand is that racing has so much to do with conditions and luck. We’ve been on wet tracks as well as copping some bad luck in the run lately. Yesterday was one of those days where the rides on most of our winners were simply perfect. The bad is never as bad as it seems at the time and the same goes for the outstanding days, probably not as good as we think we are haha.

Race 1:

No comment

Race 2:

PALLADAS had to be positive and just put them away on straightening. He got it done. he looked ok doing it but it wasn’t a very good race. He can win again but he’s not one that I’ll be launching into at those sort of odds again. I think I’ve slightly overrated him in the past.

Race 3:

TRADUCE looked perfectly placed to peak 4th up on his favourite track. Lloyd was going to have to be positive and was going to have to stay off the fence in the straight. He did both perfectly. Where he landed in the run was outstanding and he’d have just liked TRADUCE to go through the gap a bit quicker in the straight. Got into a bumping dual but put his head out and wanted to win. NEMINGAH doesn’t win many so you have to be careful with him. He went early and got up under the winner before knocking up. He was 2nd up at the 2200m and simply had to improve off the run. Can win something easier soon.

Race 4:

They should show this Mallyon ride to apprentices. Come out semi-positive but landed three wide. Summed it up and when he got the opportunity he went forward and found the perfect spot one off the fence. Then befre the corner KWT and Thompson went before acceptors to try and steal it. Mallyon smoked his pipe, counted to five and then run them down on the line. A perfect ride. (Hopefully a few followed the RDC ‘early look’. Loved the run of CANADIAN DANCER who was up on the speed and found lengths under pressure. Just couldn’t hold them off late. She will win her fair share. PENTITO (heat stress, slow recovery)

Race 5:

TAMILAIDE had copped some shit but he’s a bloody good horse. He’s got the bad pattern and that gets him in trouble on tight tracks with rubbish tempo’s. Big tracks are his go and he’s even better with the edge off them. Imagine the day he gets a fast run 1400m on a big track!! Not much to say about the others, I’ve said many times I can’t back SLOW HANDS unless it’s wet. When rain comes you can consider him but whatever price he is on a dry track is unders.

Race 6:

I got this right and wrong. DREAMREACHER looked one of the best of the day but I thought they should be rolling forward. He got back to last again and this was another outstanding win to back up what he did last start. Always promised to go through the grades and that’s exactly what he’s doing now. NEVER NO MORE was also very good and going a lot better up here for Dunn. Looks a big track horse for sure.

Race 7:

If I have a concern with Fradd it’s how often he falls out the back on them. Loved the ride from him here on BLACKJACK BOOM. He was aggressive and bounced him out. That allowed him to just ease across and be three wide with cover. That first 200m gave him a chance because the gate looked horrible. Got clear air and this is a handy horse. BUYING TIME was back in the slow lane and it was another really good run. Plenty of upside there. MISTER LARRABEE is a horse I’ve always liked and it was a handy enough fresh run. I’d just want to race him on this track every start which is impossible.

Race 8:

SHAMROCK LU back to back this track/trip and very similar wins. Gets back and just smashes the line. Gollan has him worked out now and a good win from a bad gate. OSAMU looked a little unlucky but when you watch the head on he was never really clear and may have gone very close had he been able to build momentum at any stage. I didn’t mind AIR SPIRIT but how she ended up in the slowest lane from gate 9 isn’t ideal. Think I’ve had a gutful of her now anyway. NICCI TRIX crossed them and was very brave. In front until the last few strides. Showed good ability last prep and has returned just as well.

Race 9:

I got this one wrong, couldn’t see either of the top two not winning. I was only wrong by a nose but that’s enough. RACECOURSE ROAD looked home the entire straight but the weight difference with EXPLOSIVE QUALITY was the difference the last 50m. Made it a double for Heinrich on a good day for the stable. Bit of a blanket finish and it wasn’t the best race after scratching’s.