Welcome Tattsbet!

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I am very happy to welcome Tattsbet as a sponsor for brissyraces.com.au!

It is a partnership that I was very keen on as I think we are a perfect match for each other and Tattsbet are the premier betting company in Qld, Northern Territory and South Australia.

I believe that Tattsbet have the best fixed prices around on racing and on all sports. I grew up going into the local TAB with my old man for him to put his bets on and it something I still love doing, getting to meet and befriending your local Tatts operator. It’s a service that is unique and days such as the pizza and free bet giveaways is something that Tatts does often as a nice gesture to us folk who love the local TAB. Many operators run punters clubs, footy tipping competitions and racing competitions throughout the major carnivals for those interested.

They also have a fantastic internet and phone betting service which accommodates all punters. The website http://tattsbet.com/ is very well set out and easy to navigate. Check it out if you haven’t already.

They also have jackpot/carry over pools each week where punters can get a lot of value for their betting dollar. I will have these up for people to check out in “The Punt”.

Remember that betting is only fun when it is done responsibly, and please don’ bet with money that you can’t afford or that’s not meant to be used for gambling. Both Brissyraces and Tattsbet encourage punters to bet responsibly.

All these services give me a lot of confidence to say that I believe in Tattsbet and their products, and if you enjoy a sensible flutter than you should by all means jump on the website and look into an account, or drop into your local Tatts TAB.

If you are going to have a bet think about supporting Tattsbet-  the team that supports our site –brissyraces.com.au

Welcome aboard.