Where should Black Caviar go? Wherever she wants!

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There are two big stories getting around the traps at the moment that I thought I would mention.

The first that has come out today is on John O’Shea. It is worth a read and the link is to the Daily Telegraph: I do feel sorry for John, and who knows where this takes racing, but I will leave it up to you to see how you feel about it.



The other is the whole Black caviar scenario of where will she race? And is it right or wrong if the Melbourne Racing Club make up a race, or change a races conditions to suit her? And also if that would take away from her record etc?

These are all valid points that are worth discussing and all have a touch of merit. Let’s go over them.

Is it wrong to make up a race or change conditions, and does it take away from her record? Personally I think the MRC are doing exactly what they are meant to do and that is put themselves first. The other clubs etc need to step their game up and fight to get her to their tracks. The one thing people have to remember is this whole preparation is now about getting to the UK and smacking the POMS. Who cares if one race is under new conditions etc if that is what Moody thinks is the best strategy to beat them over there then let’s embrace it. But on the other side Moody and connections do want to give everyone the chance to see her, they may feel that Adelaide would not take much out of her and could also be the way they go , if that’s the case we should all be happy with that and embrace it too (including Melbourne). On the case of it taking away from her record I think that may be a bit far-fetched. If that was the case it would simply be the same knockers that say she doesn’t run time, or hasn’t beaten a lot in her races.

 As I said, let’s unite and take the whole experience in and make it all about taking on the POMS instead of finding reasons to have a sook about something that doesn’t matter.

I had the opportunity to see her when she raced in Brisbane and I would love for the people of South Australia to get that same opportunity as it may not come around again, but at the end of the day it’s not about us, it’s about Black Caviar and let’s just let her write her own history and be happy that we witnessed possibly the greatest sprinter of all time.