Wrap up

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Honestly, what are you meant to do with Eagle Farm?

I’ve actually had my first run of good results there and I still have to admit I’ve probably never been more confused by the joint. In recent months and over the carnival the inside rail was a no-go zone and the worst part of the track. With the rail at 3m Saturday all signs were it had to race that way again. Then the first winner is 3w facing the breeze, comes the widest and wins (so theory confirmed right?) WRONG. If anything you were better off in there?

Races 1-3 they were off fence. Race 3 every single horse was at least 6 off the fence the entire straight. Rc9 they raced tight and winner hard the fence.

How are we meant to know and have confidence to bet when after years the jocks still have absolutely no idea. An that’s not having a go at the jocks.

They did come very wide in the staying race but that can’t happen even on super bias days (stayers breaking pattern). It was almost like if you got passed the middle of the track that they has aerated it to slow it down. I doubt very much they did, but that’s what it looked like.

The answer is a dead set pineapple and I have no confidence. I did hear the minister say all her feedback from the carnival was positive. And said it with a straight face. Let the trainers be anonymous and allow them to pen their thoughts to the minister for a real guide maybe?


LONDON BANKER– Has had a good old fashion stayers prep and peaked Saturday. Off that effort I’d be keen to follow him in anything similar. Good through the line and can win again.

ENTERPRISE POMME– This has gone enormous. Won on debut but I thought was placed way out of the right grade Saturday. Did get it ok up front but gave a super kick and sure to be winning something easier soon. 

ALPINE EDGE– Beat the horse above and how was he $5.50 early? Big track was always going to suit and he had lengths on these. His L200m was 11.96 and the next best in the race was 12.40. He’s very good.