Wrap up and blackbook from the week

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It’s been a pretty good week and not a bad day Saturday, I just have to admit EF isn’t a track I have a great record at or that I enjoy punting at very much.

The two main issue for me are:

1-Many horses seem to be travelling like winners, get a clear run and don’t let down. This may be from the firmness of the track, that’s what a lot in the game are saying, I’m not sure it’s just hard to work out and I like to be confident when punting.

2-The track is much different than Doomben, GC etc and whole race shaped set up different. I’m sure many jocks still aren’t riding it right. What I can’t understand is if you watch the Vic jocks ride Flemington, they still stay in their racing line around the corner, they nurse for as long as possible and then peel off backs or look for runs and time their runs. At EF they seem to get to the corner, most races there are 6-7-8 horses spread across the track and they all go early? I felt Maloney on COOL CHAP was about the perfect way to ride the track. He nursed, started riding from the 300m but didn’t hit the horse and ask for full effort to the 200m.

*It’s just a mixture of a lot of things and all everyone can go on is how you punt at the track. My record is nowhere near as good and a couple of very good punters I know are in the same boat. For that reason I’m just tailoring my bets to try and make the most profit which means probably a few less bets at headquarters.


Blackbookers from a big week.

LASHONI- Reckon she just needed the run. Should strip fitter and she can find an easier assignment next time out.

OUR MANTRA- Didn’t like him in this and it looked as though he also might have needed this run. Loomed and then a little weak the last 100m. Fitter for it and can find something easier.

IMPASSE– Looked one of the better bets and even after getting to a tricky spot mid-race, was able to let down and prove far too good. Best L400m and 200m of the meeting.

PULL ANCHOR- Not a great trip in transit, still far too good and will be better on a bigger track.

*We will be looking at the Thursday-Friday and Saturday meetings this week.*